Elvan Unlu

Hi! I’m a Mental Health PhD Student @Suicidal Behaviour Research Lab (SBRL) @UofGlasgow (at the University of Glasgow) under the supervisions of Professor Rory O’Connor and Dr. Jack Melson. Protective & Risk Factors of Suicide, Perfectionism, Self-Harm, Childhood Trauma are my current research interests. I’m planning to focus on individual differences that could regulate suicide risk for future research.

Disciplines: Health Psychology & Organisational Psychology.

Skills & Expertise: Quantitative & Qualitative Research, Multivariate Research Design, SPSS, Statistics with R (basics), R Markdown (basics), LaTeX (basics), Secondary Research (Systematic Reviews, Narrative Synthesis), Maxqda, NVivo, Certified First Aider (Emergency), Certified Suicide First Aider (ASIST).

Languages: English and Turkish (native).

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My current research in progress:

Rumination and Psychological Distress as Mediators in the Relationship Between Perfectionism and Job Burnout

What factors explain the relationship between perfectionism and suicide risk?: A Systematic Review

The Relationship between Personality, Cognition, Negative Life Events, and Social Factors in Understanding Suicide Risk